In a Collaborative Divorce, everyone works together to reach mutually acceptable out of court agreements that are in the best interests of every family member. It is a different way of resolving family law disputes.

To protects the parties from being taken advantage an Independent legal advice lawyers are called upon when you enter into certain legal agreements such as Separation Agreement, Pre- Nup Agreement, or Cohabitation Agreement.

Family Mediation has been demonstrated by research to be effective for families experiencing conflict. It is affordable and timely, and preserves relationships where possible.

We will explain your options, provide fresh and new possibilities, and help you to carefully weigh the benefits and limitations of each approach, in plain language as it relates to your situation.

A Separation agreement allows both of you to deal with the division of the property, child Custody and parenting matters in an idea and reasonable manner.

These agreements are made between unmarried couples, cohabitants or engaged couples who are soon to be married. The agreement helps couples figure out what matters to each them with kindness.